Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl – Could your Dog Benefit Using One?

Best Slow Feeder Dog BowlDoes your dog gulp down his or her food? Are you worried about your dog choking because he or she inhales it? A lot of dogs do this, particularly large dogs. Not only is it bad for their health but it can cause you a lot of stress worrying about the consequences. It’s time to find the best slow feeder dog bowl for your pup.

A slow feeder bowl can eliminate a lot of concerns with your dog. If you haven’t tried one yet, you really should. They’re not expensive but they can make a huge difference for your dog. And best of all, a slow feeder dog bowl could remove a lot of worry for you as a dog parent. Continue reading

How to Socialize a Dog in 5 Easy Steps – It’s Easier Than You Think

How to socialize a dogDoes your dog bark at other dogs? Is it impossible to take you dog anywhere because his or her behavior is so bad? You need to learn how to socialize a dog and you need to do it fast.

Once your dog is socialized, it makes life for you so much easier. How do you socialize a dog? It’s really very easy if you commit to doing it over a few weeks. Here are 5 easy steps to find out how to socialize a dog. Continue reading

Can Dogs Eat Human Food? Are You Feeding Your Dog Too Much?

Can dogs eat human foodOur beloved dogs spend more time in the house than ever before. When they see the other family members eating, they want some too. So, can dogs eat human food? Well, there are two separate mindsets when it comes to feeding your dog human food and in what amounts. One group believes that dogs should never consume human food, while another group believes anything goes and dogs can eat foods just like a human does.
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Dog First Aid Kit – Because Accidents Do Happen Unexpectedly

Dog First Aid KitAccidents always happen at the most inconvenient time, like on the weekend or at night. Sometimes it is difficult to get to a vet straight away and you need a dog first aid kit. If your dog gets injured and you don’t have anything ready to stop the bleeding or ease the pain, you’ll be stressed and anxious about your dog and find it very difficult to deal with. I know, I’ve been in that situation.
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Sweet Potato Treats for Dogs – Easy Homemade Treats Your Dog’ll Love

Sweet Potato Treats for DogsWant to know how to make the healthiest treats for your dog? Want to see the best sweet potato treats for dogs? Here they are. You’ll feel so much happier giving your dog the best. Healthier treats are one of the best things you can do for your dog.

When I first started buying dog treats I felt quite guilty. Once I looked at the packet and realised what was in them I felt bad. Should I really be giving these to my puppy? If they’re not healthy, could they be harmful? I really did feel guilty. I try my best to eat healthy myself. And I feed my family good meals with healthy ingredients but I was giving my puppy store bought treats with questionable ingredients. Thankfully, these days if you want to buy treats for your dog there are healthy ones available. But here’s another idea. Once you know how, make your own.

Sweet potato treats are some of the most popular dog treats. If you want to know how to make homemade sweet potato treats for dogs, here are seven recipes you’ll like. Continue reading

Cooling Dog Bed – Find the Best Elevated Dog Bed to Keep Your Pet Cool

Best Elevated Cooling Dog BedAre you worried about your dog overheating in summer? If we were walking around in a fur coat during summer we’d want a cool place to lie down too. Elevated dog beds are usually raised about 7-inch off the ground. They allow air circulation and provide a comfortable place for your dog to relax during the warmer months. To find the best cooling dog bed for your pup, here are the details you need. Continue reading

How to Stop a Dog from Shedding – Don’t Live with Fur on Everything

How to Stop a Dog from SheddingAre you fed up with fur all over your furniture? Is it getting embarrassing to be seen with dog fur all over your clothes when you arrive at work? Dogs naturally shed their fur but you don’t need to put up with it all over the place. If you want to know how to stop a dog from shedding, here are the best tips that really work. And you don’t even have to visit a dog groomer. 
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Best Dog Camera Treat Dispenser – See Your Dog when You’re at Work

Best Dog Camera Treat DispenserDoes your dog get lonely and bored when you’re at work? Do you worry about your dog when you leave the house? The best dog camera treat dispenser for your fur baby is here.

Using wifi in your home and a smart phone you can connect with your dog during the day and dispense a treat even while you’re at work.

This brings so much enjoyment to your dog and you’ll be smiling for a long time after you finish your online chat with your fur baby. It definitely brightens up your day. Continue reading

Can You Use Shampoo on Dogs? What Can I Use to Wash My Dog?

Can You Use Shampoo on DogsPaying for a dog bath once a month adds up to hundreds of dollars each year. And then there is the cost of nail clipping, ear cleaning and dealing with shedding. If you’re considering bathing your dog at home and you’re asking, Can you use shampoo on dogs? Here is the answer.

If you need to use human shampoo once out of desperation because you don’t have anything else, it’s not going to be a disaster. If you use human shampoo on a regular basis for bathing you dog, you will cause problems. Let’s look at the reasons why. Continue reading

Trimming Black Dog Nails the Safe Way. Easy Once You Know the Trick.

Trimming Black Dog NailsHow do I clip my dog’s nails when they’re black? Where is the quick on black dog nails? Many dog owners fear trimming black dog nails because they will cut the quick and hurt their dog. But once you know how to clip black dog nails, it is just as easy as clipping lighter colored nails. The most important thing is to cut up to the pulp and no further.

Here is all the information (including photos) to give you confidence about clipping your dog’s black nails. Continue reading

How to Get Rid of Matted Dog Hair – the Best Tips

Matted Dog HairIf you’re like me, you’d happily brush and groom your dog every day if you had time. The problem is the rest of the family are a distraction and we all get busy. This means your dog will occasionally get matted fur. Depending on the breed it is inevitable. All dog owners need to know how to get rid of matted dog hair. Here are the tips to get rid of matted dog hair. Continue reading

How to Clip a Dog’s Toenails – Don’t Risk It, Follow these Tips and it’s Safe

how to clip a dog's toenailsAre you worried about how to clip a dog’s toenails? Have you had a bad experience clipping the quick and making your dog’s nail bleed? When this happens it’s scary and it puts you off clipping the nails again. But if your dog’s nails make a tapping noise when they are walking on a hard surface, then it’s time for a nail clipping. To find out how to clip a dog’s toenails at home, here are the best tips.
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