Best Dog Toys and Games to Keep Your Dog Busy

If you have active dogs you know how hard it can be to keep them busy. Dogs need mental stimulation as well as physical exercise. Whether you’re looking for the best dog toys for your pup or games for you or your kids to play with your dog, there are lots of ideas here. And many of them make great gifts too…

Trixie Pet Flip Board Dog Game

This is one of the best dog toys if you’re looking for a mentally stimulating puzzle for your pup. You hide the treats in the compartments and let your dog move the sliders, flip the lids with levers and lift up the cones to reveal the treats.

This Trixie Pet Flip Board gives you bang for your buck. It’s not expensive and it’s high quality.

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This puzzle game is one of the best dog toys for smaller breeds of dogs. But Labradors and German Shepherds have also been known to happily play with this game. If your dog is an excessive and aggressive chewer then you’ll need to supervise because this dog puzzle is made from plastic.

If you’re unsure about this dog game and you’re not sure if it will suit your pup, see the video here of a dog solving the puzzle to get the treats (the dog is adorable to watch!). Every dog parent knows their own dog’s personality. If you take a look at the video you’ll be able to judge whether your dog has the interest, skill and aptitude for this type of puzzle.

The rubber base is very good at keeping the game in place while your dog’s playing with it. The cones are designed to not be knocked out but rather they have to be lifted straight up. Your dog will lift these out with his or her mouth.

Spot Ethical Pet Interactive Puzzle

This is fun game to make your dog think about what he or she is doing to get the treat. It will take a bit of time for your dog to work it out which is great because it keeps them occupied.

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When you first let your dog see the puzzle, choose the right time of the day. Obviously you don’t want to do it directly after he or she has been fed. If they’re hungry for the treats then this helps to encourage them to explore how to get them.

This feeder puzzle is one of the best dog toys to be used for crate training or alone time to keep your dog busy. It can help to eliminate boredom. However, if your dog is an excess chewer, I wouldn’t leave any toy with him/her alone. You can also use it to play with your dog and spend time together.

The puzzle is made from particleboard wood eco-friendly material and is good for their teeth. If you’re buying a feeder puzzle you need to be careful of the material it’s made from. Avoid anything that may become sharp if they chew it, like certain plastics.

Like all dog toys you should expect your dog will want to chew this feeder puzzle. It is inexpensive so, personally, I would prefer to buy this less expensive puzzle and replace it rather than spending a lot on a more expensive puzzle that is still likely to get chewed but may contain dangerous plastic to make it more robust. The choice is yours but you’ll need to consider it before you buy.

Chuckit Kick Fetch Toy Dog Ball

This is a large size ball for kicking. The ball is too large to fit in your dog’s mouth and this is the reason for the unique shape of the ball. The grooved design allows your dog to pick it up easily and bring it to you.

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If you’re sick of picking up slobbery balls to throw to your dog, this is a great alternative.

You can kick this ball high or far and keep your dog entertained and exercised. The bright colors are a bonus, easy to see if it goes into long grass.

If you already have dog balls, they’re probably the small ones. Personally, we’ve always had a lot of small dog balls and tennis balls in our house. Try this Chuckit ball and your dog might think it’s one of the best dog toys you own. This dog ball will give you many hours of fun.

Bionic Toss N’Tug Dog Toy

This is a dog frisbee toy to be used by you and your dog together.

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The bright color looks great and is easily seen by dogs. This is a durable dog frisbee made with a “Bionic” rubber material.  It will give you hours of enjoyment with your dog.

It comes in different sizes and the large Toss N’Tug is too big for small dogs so be sure to get the correct size.

The Toss N’Tug floats in water so its safe to use near lakes or pools.

Like any dog toy this will get chewed. However if you’re looking for one of the best dog toys that is more durable than most then you’ll like this one. It tends to last longer with smaller dogs than large ones. But I guess that’s the same with most dog toys.




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