Best Christmas Dog Toys (make your dog feel special these holidays)

Best Christmas Dog Toys to Make Your Pooch Feel Special these HolidaysDo you get a gift for your dog every Christmas? Maybe a few gifts? We love making sure our dog is included in all the fun. Sometimes I think my kids love the dog’s toys as much as their own gifts. For the best Christmas dog toys, take a look here…

Let’s start with some adorable squeaky toys. If your dog likes squeakies, these are a must for your Christmas shopping list.

It can be hard to stop at just one squeaky toy. There are so many cute ones available. If you’re buying for more than one pet you might want to consider getting a multi-pack (like the one below). Even if you only have one dog you might still want to get a multi-pack and keep giving your dog a new one every week.

Squeaky Plush Toys for Small Breeds

Cute Multi-Pack of Plush Squeaky Dog Toys, click here for the price

These toys don’t have a Christmas theme (see below for the Christmas themed toys) to them but they’re still perfect for the holidays. Your dog will love receiving them as a gift. With so many fun foods as well as a cute ducky toy, you’ll be smiling every time you hear a squeak from them.

These are small toys so they’re only appropriate for a small dog.

Also, they’re not appropriate for an aggressive chewer. They are made from plush fabric so, like any fabric toy, they can be destroyed.

They don’t contain any glues, only stitching to make them.

Santa, Reindeer, Snowman Squeaky Christmas Dog Toys

Click here for the price on these Christmas buddies

These squeaky buddies are perfect as a Christmas gift for your four-legged member of the family. They’re just the right size for small breeds of dog.

The shape is easy for your dog to pick up and carry.

If you’re looking for a squeaky reindeer dog toy, this is a cute little one that works really well.

And the advantage of getting a 3 pack is that you get enough Christmas squeaky dog toys for several dogs or to spoil one dog even if you want to bring out the other 2 toys later as a surprise.

These dog toys have absolutely no stuffing to make a mess or get into your dogs mouth. The squeaky inside the toy provides the shape in the toy.

The Santa dog toy and the snowman dog toy have that distinctive Christmas red color. If your dog loves being part of Christmas when the whole family is unwrapping presents then this 3 pack of toys will be perfect. Everyone will love them.

Zippy Paws Christmas Hedgehog Dog Toy

Click here for the price on this adorable hedgehog dog toy

Does your dog love hedgehog toys? If so, this one comes in 3 different sizes. You get to choose from small (6.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 in), large (8 x 4.5 x 5 in) and X-large (11 x 6.5 x 6 in).

If you know what size of toy already suits your dog then you can easily compare the sizes of these hedgehogs and order the best one for your dog.

This is the perfect gift for your own pet or for another person’s furry friend. It’s adorable and fun to give for Christmas.

The fabric on this toy is soft if your dog wants to cuddle it. And the toy is squeaky if they want to play.

This is a really popular toy for small to medium dogs so if you don’t already have one for your dog, order one today and join in the fun.

Santa Dog Toy

For the price on this Santa dog toy, click here

This classic Santa dog Christmas toy is going to please dogs who like squeaky and crinkle toys.

The arms and legs have the crinkle noise and there’s also a squeaker in the toy.

The toy is 16 inches long.

This is a high quality dog toy but it’s not for aggressive chewers. It’s great for medium sized dogs.

And if you prefer a reindeer Christmas dog toy or a penguin dog toy take a look at these ones below (they also have the crinkle noise as well as the squeaky noise (you can click each of the pictures to see more details and the price):

Hide and Seek Squeaky Christmas Dog Toys

Click here for the price on this hide and seek Christmas dog toy

Does your dog get bored? Does your dog love the mental stimulation of doggy games?

This is one of those Christmas dog toys that will not only entertain your pet but also get them thinking. Your dog needs to remove the Santa and reindeer from their burrow within the little Christmas chimney house. Check out more details on this toy here.

And if you prefer a gingerbread house with gingerbread men or some chipmunks in a log burrow, then take a look at these cute dog toys:

These are plush squeaky toys that are suitable for small to medium sized dogs. Like any plush dog toys, these are not suitable for aggressive chewers.

No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toys

Take a look at these toys here

Does your dog prefer no stuffing toys? This 3-set of animals includes a fox, raccoon and squirrel.

They  are plush dog toys with squeakers to keep your dog entertained.

These woodland creatures make a great gift for your furry friends. They’re fun to include in your pet’s Christmas stocking or to give to a dog owner who “has everything”.

Because these are no stuffing toys they last longer and there’s no messy stuffing to escape or get into your dog’s mouth.

Each dog animal toy is 18 inches long so they’re great for medium sized dogs.

Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Click here for the price (supports Nonprofit Dog Rescue)

Even if your dog is an aggressive chewer, you don’t want to them to feel left out at Christmas time. When everyone else is receiving presents your destructive chewing furry friend can still get some gifts.

These almost indestructible chew toys are made from rope. The toys are plastic-free and comply with the ASTM F-963 CHILDRENS TOY SAFETY STANDARDS (click here to see more details from the seller). They are very durable but the materials have been chosen for their safety rather than being the absolute strongest. This means they will still wear out over time.

The giraffe and carrot toys are designed to floss your dog’s teeth and improve dental health. Because they are flossing toys they will not last as long as the other rope toys but they are included free in this pack.

You can play tug of war with your dog with these toys. They’re also great for shaking and chewing by your dog.

This dog toy pack makes a great gift for your own pets or for a pet-owner in your family. You’re supporting a good cause and entertaining your dog at the same time.

Puppy Teething Christmas Dog Toy Pack

Check out the price here for this puppy Christmas dog toy set

Is your puppy teething? Chewing everything in sight? These are special Christmas dog toys for teething and teeth cleaning.

These toys are suitable for puppies and small dogs. They’re made from cotton rope which is natural and non-toxic. It is not indestructible so if you have an aggressive chewer these won’t be for you.

To see the size of each toy, check out the sizes in the images here.

In red and green Christmas colors, these make the perfect Christmas gift for your furry friend. Your dog will feel loved and you’ll know these are helping your puppy’s teeth.

Dog Toy Snowballs

For more details and the price on these fun dog toy snowballs click here

These plush snowballs contain a squeaker inside. You get a packet of 6 and they’re great fun for playing fetch with your dog.

They suit small to medium sized dogs but they won’t survive aggressive chewers. Each ball is 3 inches in diameter.

They are soft enough to be used inside the house. Because you get 6 of them you can choose whether to give them to your pet all at once or give them out gradually over a few days or weeks.

These toy snowballs give you the fun of the holidays even if you and your dog are spending more time inside due to the weather. Small dogs can get exercise indoors by playing fetch with these plush snowballs. They will become a favorite with your four-legged friend.

Here are some other snowball ideas. You can get them in a red bucket which looks great as a gift or you can get a larger number of them in a 10-pack.

See details HERE and HERE.   

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