My Dog Smells Bad all the Time – Easy Solutions for Stinky Dog Problems

My Dog Smells Bad All The Time headerAre you tired of stinky dog smell on your dog and in your home? It can become unbearable. If you’ve ever uttered the words My Dog Smells Bad all the Time, you know what I’m talking about. Even after you bath your dog there are times when you just can’t get rid of your dog smelling like a dog.  But don’t despair. You CAN get rid of bad dog smell. Here are some easy solutions.

My dog smells bad all the time, what can I do?

Waterless Shampoo really does work well between baths to remove the bad dog smell. Click Here for the price (it is very reasonable).

A smelly dog can empty a room. And the dog smells that he leaves behind can be a problem too.

It is important to realize that stinky dog smell can emanate from several different parts of the body.

If you’re saying “my dog smells bad all the time”, it may be more than one type of smell that is lingering on your dog.

If your dog always smells or has urinated in the house, leaving smells that you have to find a solution to, know that there are ways to rectify the problem and get your dog and your home smelling good in no time. There are a few different ways to do this.

Is it a hygiene problem or a health risk?

First, dog smells should always be addressed when you take your pooch to the veterinarian. He’ll tell you if the smell is a result of being sick or if it’s just a hygiene problem that bathing or adhering to a special diet can take care of. Of course there are other reasons for dog smells too. And we’ll get to them further down the page.

The reason you need to get a compete checkup at the vet is because you’re dog may have dental, skin or ear problems. All of these can contribute to bad dog smell. And if these problems are not dealt with by the vet they could lead to infection and more major health problems. This is why you should get these issues identified as soon as possible. By getting treatment early you can avoid pain and suffering for your dog.

Certain dog breeds need more baths

Your dog may be the type of breed that needs to be bathed on a more regular basis than most. Dogs that produce a lot of oil on their skin such as water dogs or Shih Tzus may need more baths to prevent odor that is caused by excess oil.

If you think your breed of dog needs more frequent bathing, check first with your veterinarian.

Once you’ve established you need to increase the frequency of baths you can either start booking your groomer or find a way to make it easier for you to bath your dog at home.

Raised dog baths

Did you know you can get an elevated dog bath? These really save your back from injury. I don’t like leaning over a bath trying to keep my dog still and wash him at the same time. With an elevated dog bath they have a special place to attach a leash to secure your dog.

You can even get steps as an optional extra so you don’t have to lift your dog in the elevated bath. They’ve thought of everything.

If you know you’re going to wash your pet a lot, you need one of these dog baths. They make life so much easier.

If you don’t want to buy a dog bath, you can get dog washing tools to help make it easier.

I love this pet wand shower attachment because it makes bathing easier and faster, especially if you don’t have someone else there to hold onto your dog.

This wand makes the wash a lot quicker.

You simply attach the wand to your existing shower to use it inside. For outside you can attach it to a hose. The attachments are included. You can also control the water with the variable water flow dial, which is really convenient.

What to do in between dog baths

For some dog breeds you’re only supposed to bathe them once every few months. This means they get stinky in between bath times.

Other dogs get stinky within a couple days of a bath. A temporary, but quick and effective, fix to a smelly dog can include purchasing some doggie cologne and squirting a small amount to help mask the odor.

This may sound too simple and you may think it doesn’t work. But these dog cologne sprays have special ingredients to refresh and deodorize your dog’s skin and coat.

You can get a natural product in dog cologne that really helps to get rid of the dog smell. These dog cologne sprays really work.

And if you have an anxious dog, you can get the cologne spray in a natural aromatherapy lavender scent. This really helps to calm dogs down. It’s worth trying for an anxious dog.

For some dogs you’ll notice an instant difference with your dog being easier about getting in the car, or behaving less frantically when visitors arrive at your front door. Whatever your dog gets anxious about, do test the lavender fur deodorizer and see if it makes a difference.

Not only will your dog smell good, but you’ll help your dog to calm down and enjoy life more. This can be especially important if you have a rescue dog and you think your dog may have been abused in the past. If your dog is jumpy and anxious about certain things (or everything), lavender may offer you and your dog the peace of mind you’re both looking for.

Does Waterless Shampoo Really Work on Dogs?

Another great product which is easy to use is No-Rinse Waterless Dog Shampoo. This product really works. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

This product is one that many dog parents can’t live without. It gets rid of the stinky dog smell and also leaves your dog’s coat looking shiny and clean.

You can choose which scent you like best.

There is a calming lavender scent for anxious dogs and there’s a coconut and lime scent that is extremely popular with dog parents. You’ll love it. Compared to giving your dog a complete bath, this is so easy. You’ll want to use it regularly because it makes your dog smell so good. And you will even find yourself no longer saying “my dog smells bad all the time”! Because your dog will actually smell really good!

Is your dog’s bed causing a bad odor?

Click Here for the price on this fully washable bed for small dogs

Also, be sure that the dog’s bedding and crate is clean and free from dog smells too.

Laundering the bedding properly can get rid of most smells.

Perhaps your dog has more than one dog bed.

You might be washing the night time dog bed regularly but forgetting the other one sitting out on the back deck. Are all the dog beds clean and fresh?

Fully washable vs removable cover dog beds

If you’re struggling to keep dog bedding clean you may want to switch to a fully washable bed. The dog beds that have a removable cover are good for some people but not great for others. Personally, I find it very time consuming to have to remove the cover from the dog bed every time I wash it.

If you’re looking for a washable medium or large dog bed, this one is available in multiple sizes. Click Here to see the current price on this really comfortable dog bed.

Now I prefer to use dog beds where the complete bed goes into the washing machine.

This way I know the entire bed is getting cleaned. And I wash it more often because it is faster to place the whole bed in the washer.

The dog bed on the left is very luxurious with faux fur. It is completely washable and even the large 45-inch size can be placed in a large washing machine for washing. Your dog will love snuggling into it and you’ll know it is clean and fresh smelling.

Of course, if your dog regularly has accidents on the bedding you may prefer to use one with a waterproof lining which is removable along with the cover.

It’s up to you, but either way, you need to keep that dog bed clean to avoid bad dog odor. Don’t think its only accidents that cause a bad odor. It’s also excessive oils from your dogs skin and coat. And if your dog has rolled in something smelly you don’t want that staying on the dog bed. For lots of reasons it is worth getting a washable dog bed. Or get a waterproof bed with a removable washable cover.

The absolute worst dog smells are caused by this

My Dog Smells Bad all the TimeHave you ever said My dog smells bad all the time even after a bath! Yes, it is a real thing. Okay, are you ready to read about this one. Warning, it is icky. But if you’re a dog parent you’ll want to know about this. It’s important to keep your dog healthy and get rid of persistent stinky dog smells.

It’s your dog’s anal glands. Yes, I know some of you don’t want to read any more about this. That was me too when I first heard about dogs’ anal glands. But if you’ve tried absolutely everything else to get rid of bad dog smell on your pet then the cause could be the anal glands. And it can be more serious.

Some dogs never get problems with their anal glands but others may need these glands expelled once a month. Small breeds are particularly susceptible to getting impacted anal glands.

Why is this smell so bad?

These glands cause the worst smell from your dog. The fluid from these glands is the most stinky stuff you’ll ever smell on your dog. It is also the personal unique smell of your pooch that causes other dogs to want to sniff your dog’s butt.

If you’re wondering…why is it that my dog smells bad all the time for no apparent reason then you should know that the glands are meant to express naturally when they defecate but sometimes they become impacted. If this happens you’ll know because your dog will be scooting, trying to excessively lick the area or the area may look red.

Your dog will be in discomfort with this condition. At this stage your dog needs the anal glands expressed manually. If you are not trained to do this, book an appointment straight away with your vet or groomer. Be sure your groomer is properly trained to do this procedure, many are.

If your dog’s anal glands are not properly expressed they can end up with an infection. This can become serious. If your dog needs his anal glands expressed on an on-going basis, you can save yourself money and time going to the vet or groomer by learning how to do it yourself (if you’re brave enough). With the correct instruction from your vet, you’ll be able to do it for your dog at home. Expressing your dog’s anal glands will get rid of the worst stinky dog smell.

My dog smells bad all the time, is it his diet?

If you’re wondering…why is it that my dog smells bad all the time?  It could be an ongoing stomach issue.

Some dog food brands might cause your dog to develop bad smells. You may want to change your dog to a homemade diet of more natural, and less processed, foods. This can go a long way in preventing dog smells. However, if you’re making homemade food, check the nutritional requirements of your dog with your vet first.

There are also special dog foods formulated for dogs with a sensitive stomach.

If you have a dog with a sensitive stomach he may experience occasional loose stools, upset stomach, or have trouble tolerating his current food. This could be adding to the bad dog smell on your pet and in your home.

It is worth checking with your vet that your dog doesn’t have a food allergy. Some dogs tolerate a variety of foods better than others.

For example, some dogs are okay with wheat while others really shouldn’t have it at all. If your dog has skin allergies you’ll probably know because he’ll be licking or scratching at them. If you want to try and change your dog’s diet it may give your dog relief from food allergies. You can try this Hill’s Science Diet Adult Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach & Skin.

Allergies can also cause things like ear infections to occur and these can cause a bad odor. If your dog’s ears smell bad get them checked by your veterinarian to check for infection and then thereafter try to eliminate any food allergies.

Monitor what your dog may be eating that it shouldn’t such as grapes, nuts, raisins and avocados.

Potty training – is this why my dog smells bad all the time?

If you’re still potty training your dog you may be thinking, my dog smells bad all the time, when in fact there is residual feces on his fur or on his paws from walking in it unintentionally. So, if this has occurred, see the heading below on what to do when your dog rolls in smelly stuff.

If your dog isn’t properly potty trained or gets sick on your carpet, you may need to have it professionally cleaned periodically until the problem is under control. However, there is another way.

If you keep Natures Miracle in your home you can use it straight away on a stain with a bad odor. It also works on urine stains that are months old. This product is amazing on pet potty training accidents. It really does work to remove the bad smell.

It uses a bio-enzymatic formula to work on odors from urine, feces, drool, vomit and other pet messes.  You can use it on carpet, rugs, couches, furniture, clothing and more.

What if I can’t find the location of the urine odor in my house?

This popular pet crate comes in 6 different sizes and is available in 1 or 2 door options.

Sure you’re thinking, my dog smells bad all the time, but you know your house also smells bad. Sometimes when your house stinks of dog smell it can be hard to tell which areas are affected.

When this happens you’ll probably need to get professional carpet cleaners in.

Crating your dog during the day when you’re gone and at night when you’re sleeping is a good idea if your dog isn’t yet trained.

You can also get a plush dog crate bed to match the size of your crate perfectly.


This plush crate bed shown is 100% machine washable. It’s available in 7 different sizes and 3 different colors.

You don’t need to remove a cover. The whole bed goes into the washing machine.

And you don’t even have to use it with a crate. It’s great as a stand alone dog bed.

It includes a non-skid grip on the base of the bed to stop it slipping about on tiles or hardwood floors.

By investing in a fully washable dog bed you get piece of mind knowing that your pet is sleeping in a clean and fresh bed. Regular washing really does help to remove bad dog smell.

My dog smells bad all the time and he pees inside

If your dog isn’t potty trained you should also consider that there are dog pee pads available that you purchase to train your dog on if it stays mainly indoors. This can help to avoid your dog peeing in the wrong spot and creating a bad smell.

If you’re thinking my dog smells bad all the time, you’re probably also realizing your house smells bad all the time too. Investing in a steam-carpet cleaning device might also help keep the dog smells at bay.

Rolling in smelly stuff – this is why my dog smells bad all the time

“My dog smells bad all the time because he rolls in smelly stuff whenever I let him outside” – does this sound familiar? Of course, dogs will be dogs. If your dog smells from rolling in smelly stuff or has got sprayed by a skunk, there are certain methods of getting rid of the odors.

If you’re dealing with skunk odor you can start by washing your dog in a mix of warm water and baking soda.  Next, take diluted Downy fabric softener and put it on your dog’s coat and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then rinse it off. This will remove the smell and make it easy to brush your dog afterwards.

If your dog has rolled in feces you can wipe the fur with a rag soaked in vinegar. Use this to remove any obvious offensive smelly stuff! You can then use the same method used above for skunk odor. Wash your dog in warm water with baking soda. After that use the Downy fabric softener and rinse it off after the required time.

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