Best Dog Life Jacket – Because Safety Matters This Summer

Best Dog Life Jacket for Small or Large Dogs

In summer we all love taking our dogs out and about with us. If you’re heading to the beach or going on a boat it’s advisable to get a good fitting dog life jacket for your four legged best friend. Even if your dog can swim there are reasons to get a life jacket. And if your dog isn’t a good swimmer, you won’t want to leave home with one.

Some dogs just aren’t good swimmers. I’m not sure if its because of the length of their legs or perhaps a weight to length ratio that makes a difference but let’s face it, some breeds are not safe if they fall into water.

And we all want our pets to be safe.

Then there are the other dogs. The ones that can swim but they are so enthusiastic that they have no idea that they will get tired swimming for too long.

They get weak in the water and put themselves at risk if you don’t fish them out quickly.

A dog life jacket can be a life saver.

And let’s face it, accidents can happen when you’re having fun.

If your dog falls off a boat there is a high chance of them hitting their head as they go overboard and this is never safe, even for a strong swimmer.

Making your dog wear a life vest is one of the best things you can do when you’re near water, because:

  • the handle helps you retrieve your dog from water
  • the bright color lets you spot your dog in water after falling overboard
  • the buoyancy gives your dog a better chance at survival
  • the handle can help you hold your dog on a boat
  • a life jacket can buy you time while you get to your dog’s location in the water to rescue him or her

Let’s take a look at some of the best…

1. Best Dog Life Jacket – Outward Hound Granby

Best Dog Life Jacket for going near water this summer.

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This life vest shown above comes in 5 different sizes (from extra small through to extra large). You get two lifting handles on the larger sizes and one handle on the smaller ones.

The piping is reflective to help everyone see your dog. And you get a choice of the bright orange color or a strong pink.

If you’d like to see the sizing chart for this dog life vest, see here. The girth of your dog is the most important measurement when it comes to choosing the correct size. However, I’ve always found it very helpful to look at the comments online for the jacket to see what size has worked for different breeds.

One of the advantages of this jacket is that it includes an extra neck float that goes under your dog’s chin and help to keep their head above water. Dogs who are not strong swimmers often struggle to keep their mouth and nose out of the water when they fall in, so this can be really important.

This is a high quality dog life vest yet it’s very affordable. If in doubt about which one to get, make it one of these.

2. Best Dog Life Jacket Shark Design – HAOCOO Dog Vest

✅  Check out this shark life jacket here

If you want your four-legged friend to look like the cutest shark in the water, this is the dog life jacket you’ll be wanting.

This is a very popular design with a handle on top and that awesome fin!

The adjustable straps are easy to fasten. There’s a D-ring on top for you to secure a leash to keep your dog under control.

It is constructed from durable fabric that is easy to dry out after your day out in the water.

This shark design is available in two sizes at the time of writing. The company actually provides a range of dog life vests in 7 different sizes but unfortunately the shark design doesn’t come in all the sizes. Take a look at the sizes available here.

3. Best Dog Life Jacket Small Size – Vivaglory Neoprene Jacket

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If your dog is a small breed it can be difficult to find the right life jacket. You need to take into account the length of the jacket as well as the girth of your dog. Many life jackets are too long for small dogs which makes them uncomfortable and possibly dangerous.

This dog life vest comes in Small and Extra Small sizes (as well as larger sizes). There are several colors to choose from.

One of the advantages of this dog life vest for small dogs is that it is made from neoprene. This is the soft material that wetsuits are made from, for humans. Neoprene is super soft and comfortable for dogs.

This neoprene dog life jacket is also a lighter weight for smaller dogs to wear.

For a smaller breed of dog, you’ll want a softer fabric for the life jacket. A life vest is often closer to smaller dogs’ legs and comes up closer to their head. This is why you want to make sure the jacket is soft and comfortable.

This life vest includes neoprene under the straps so the straps don’t rub directly against your dog’s chest and tummy. This makes a lot of difference, especially if your dog is going to wear the jacket for long hours.

By getting a neoprene dog life jacket you get a better fit for a smaller dog. You’ll still need to check the sizing chart (see it here).

Examples of small sizing…dogs weighing 6lbs, 10lbs, 11lbs and even 3lbs!

I’ve seen a Chihuahua weighing 6 lbs in an XS size in this jacket and I’ve also seen an 11 lb young Mini Schnauzer wearing an XS size. I’ve also seen a 10 lb Shih Tzu wearing the small size but the Shih Tzu’s girth was greater than the girth of the young Mini Schnauzer (this accounts for the different sizes).

This is why it’s so important to look at the sizing chart and take all your dog’s measurements before buying the jacket.

Also…if you look at the comments for this life vest you’ll see a photo of the cutest little Yorkie that is only 3 lbs! She is wearing the pink version of this jacket in XS and she also has on some pink doggy sunglasses – it’s totally adorable. And interesting, that a 3 lb dog can also use the XS dog life jacket. This is good to know.

This type of neoprene dog life jacket is perfect for smaller breeds of dogs.

4. Best Dog Life Jacket Large Size – Outward Hound Dawson Jacket

Dog Life Jacket Large

✅   Click Here for the price on this large life jacket

This dog life jacket large size and extra large size is a great shape to fit your larger breed (this dog life vest comes in other sizes as well as the L and XL).

The opening around the neck, near the shoulders is wider to accommodate larger dogs.

You’ll also notice that the straps are lower down, not around the chest area. In larger dogs they often have a wide chest area but if you rely on this for your straps then the life vest is most likely going to move around once your dog is in water because the straps usually slide along towards the narrower end of the dog’s torso. That never makes for a good fit.

By having the straps further along the dog, in a narrower girth, they are more likely to keep the jacket where it’s meant to sit.

This jacket provides very good buoyancy for larger dogs. Even if the vest looks small on your large dog, this one will probably be able to keep your dog afloat.

This jacket provides extra insulation if your dog is swimming in cold water.

On the larger sizes, this vest provides two handles. Obviously a large dog is going to be very difficult to lift, even with handles, but there are other uses too.

If you need to hold your dog still on a boat or jet ski, the handles can be very useful. They give you an extra grip on your dog.

The bright red safety color is great for spotting your dog in the water and out.

Even if your large breed dog is a good swimmer, dogs get tired after swimming for a while. If your dog is very loyal and you’re still in the water on a kayak or on a board it is most likely that your dog will still keep swimming even when they’re too tired to keep going. This is why we love our dogs so much, they will do anything for us! But…this puts your dog at risk.

By putting a life vest on your large dog, you help them to stay safe and, of course, you get peace of mind. The extra buoyancy means they don’t tire out as quickly and the handles help you rescue them when needed.

5. Dog Life Jacket Camo Design – Yoyoung Camo Life Preserver

First, I’m showing you what I call true camo. It is the colors of the earth and truly camouflage. But after that, I also want to show you a fun camo and even a pink camo – keep scrolling down!

So, here’s the true camo dog life jacket. Your dog will feel part of the team in this one.

Dog Life Jacket in Camo to make your dog feel like one of the team this summer.

✅   Check the price here on this camo life vest

This jacket includes easy to adjust straps for a secure fit. The handle on top provides a quick method of pulling your dog out of water to save him or her if there’s an emergency.

The jacket includes reflective details. There’s also a D-ring on top to attach a leash.

This jacket also wicks away moisture from your pet and is quick drying.

It comes in 5 different sizes (take a look at the available sizes here). There is a size chart included on that page with different measurements to help you decide on what’s best for your dog.

If you’re going swimming at the lake or kayaking on the river, your dog is going to look just the part in this camo jacket.

6. Dog Life Jacket Fun Camo Style – Paws Aboard Dog Life Vest

Next, we’re looking at a fun camo style of dog life jacket. I’ve always liked black and white camo as a design so this is one of my favorites.

Black and White Camo Dog Life Jacket

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This is a black, white and gray camo dog life vest in a pixelated design. It’s very cool if you want your dog to look great at the beach or pool.

Reflective strips are incorporated into the design for safety.

A rescue handle is included on top of the jacket. And there’s a D-ring to clip on a leash.

This jacket is made of quick-dry, breathable neoprene fabrics. Plus there’s a breathable mesh underbelly that allows for water drainage and lets the jacket dry properly.

This camo dog life vest comes in 6 different sizes. There’s a size to suit every dog (see the availability here).

The pixels in the design remind me of 80’s video games – it’s a kind of camo/retro/techy sort of design (hope that description helps!)

7. Dog Life Jacket Pink Camo Design – Vivaglory Dog Lifesaver

✅  See the price on this cute pink camo jacket

This cute pink camo dog life vest ticks a lot of boxes. Your dog will look amazing in this jacket.

This is a highly durable life jacket made with extra padding for your dog’s comfort. The fastening straps are easy to use.

With a handle on top for pulling out of the water, there is also a hidden D-ring under the handle to attach a leash when you’re on land.

This jacket includes a front neck float to help keep your dog’s head out of the water.

There’s reflective detail to help see your dog in low light conditions.

At the time of writing there were only 2 sizes available (small and medium). But you can check here to see if the other sizes have become available yet (click here to check).

Your dog will look great in a pink camo dog life jacket. There are other colors available in this jacket (some are plain and some are a camo pattern) but the pink camo really is the ultimate for your four-legged friend. It is also a good color to help see your dog in the water.

8. Best Dog Life Jacket Pink Design 

If you’re looking for the best dog life jacket in a pink style, here are the top-rated jackets.

There are plenty to choose from. Just make sure you check the sizing chart to get a good fit for your dog. Personally, I love the pink with white polka dots as a fashion statement – very cute! But if you’re looking for a solid pink color vest then there are several different shades of pink to choose from.

Take a look at these:

Most of these jackets come in a range of sizes from small up to large (some include XS and XL) so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Just remember, it doesn’t matter how good the dog life jacket is, you still need to supervise your dog in water. The vest helps them float but if your dog is struggling to keep their head above water due to exhaustion or an injury then nothing will save them.

The extra neck floats can help your dog’s head, but once again, if they’re struggling to keep their head up themselves, they’re going to be in trouble in the water.

No one should be casual about a dog in water, especially if it’s moving water in the ocean, a lake, a river or almost anywhere other than a home swimming pool.

If your dog is wearing a dog life vest, you have a greater chance to grab hold of your dog and lift him or her back to safety. With bright colors and a safety handle on top, a safety life vest offers a lot of advantages when you’re near water.

It’s so much better to be prepared and know that your dog is safe. This summer, invest in a dog life jacket before you go near water. They are cheap to buy and they offer peace of mind.

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