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Best Dog Ramp for Car, SUV and Truck – Don’t Get Stuck with the Wrong One

If you’re looking for a dog ramp for car, SUV or truck, you need to know the best features on each. There are different lengths of ramp, ‘foldability’, weight and surfaces available. Dog ramps have developed a lot over the years. They come in so many different designs you’re sure to find the perfect ramp to suit your vehicle and your dog. But be careful, there are some bad ones that could even injure your dog if you get the wrong ramp. Continue reading

Best Large Dog Beds Ultimate Buying Guide – Don’t Get Tricked into Paying Too Much

Best large dog beds headerIf you have a large dog it’s important to find the best large dog beds available. Don’t be tempted to pay too much. There are very good big dog beds available that don’t cost the earth. Price is not the only consideration and as you read on, you’ll see more about this. This is the ultimate buying guide to find the best bed for your large breed dog. So, let’s take a look… Continue reading

Cooling Dog Bed – Find the Best Elevated Dog Bed to Keep Your Pet Cool

Best Elevated Cooling Dog BedAre you worried about your dog overheating in summer? If we were walking around in a fur coat during summer we’d want a cool place to lie down too. Elevated dog beds are usually raised about 7-inch off the ground. They allow air circulation and provide a comfortable place for your dog to relax during the warmer months. To find the best cooling dog bed for your pup, here are the details you need. Continue reading

Best Dog Camera Treat Dispenser – See Your Dog when You’re at Work

Best Dog Camera Treat DispenserDoes your dog get lonely and bored when you’re at work? Do you worry about your dog when you leave the house? The best dog camera treat dispenser for your fur baby is here.

Using wifi in your home and a smart phone you can connect with your dog during the day and dispense a treat even while you’re at work.

This brings so much enjoyment to your dog and you’ll be smiling for a long time after you finish your online chat with your fur baby. It definitely brightens up your day. Continue reading