Top 5 Completely Machine Washable Dog Beds (To Save You Time)

Machine Washable Dog BedsHave you ever tried to hand wash a dog bed using the bath? It’s back-breaking work and honestly, the result is never good. If you want to keep your home smelling fresh you need to take a look at the best machine washable dog beds.

They save you time, effort and money. And there are some really good ones available these days.Here are the best.

There’s a big difference between a completely machine washable dog bed and one that has a removable cover that’s washable.

So, what’s the advantage of getting a dog bed that is completely washable?

To begin with, you can get all the smell out. No more doggy smell lingering in your home and on your dog.

Sure, some of the beds with removable covers are lined and waterproof to keep the inside bed clean but there’s also the problem with always having to get the cover on and off.

If you’re like me, I like to know that I can toss the whole dog bed into the washing machine and get it really clean.

Personally, when I use a bed with a removable cover I tend to balk at washing it because I know I have to get the cover off first. It does take a bit of effort. And this means it doesn’t get washed as often.

Do machine washable dog beds stand the test of time?

This really depends on your washing machine. You need to always use the gentle cycle when you’re washing a dog bed. You don’t want to risk anything else.

I started with cheaper dog beds that I didn’t mind putting through the wash even if they fell apart. Luckily this never happened.

I then progressed to more expensive options and they’ve all been fine. There are some dog parents who say they’ve had a dog bed fall apart the first time they’ve washed it. I really do think it has a lot to do with your washing machine.

If you have a front load machine or a machine without an agitator then it’s going to be more gentle on your dog bed. Other washing machines will work to clean the bed but you may not get the same longevity out of it.

You can weigh up your options and if you’re concerned about the durability, start with a cheaper dog bed so you’re able to replace it sooner if it wears out too fast.

1. Best Cozy Cuddler Machine Washable Dog Bed

Machine Washable Dog Beds 1

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This round cuddle dog bed is a high quality bed from Best Friends by Sheri. And yes, the whole bed can be put into your washing machine to get it really clean.

It is made from very durable materials yet i’s soft and cuddly at the same time.

It comes in two sizes. The small size is for dogs up to 25 lbs and the medium is for dogs up to 35 lbs.

The bed includes a built-in blanket to keep your dog warm. If your dog likes the security of snuggling under things then this blanket is perfect to provide that comfort and security.

Your dog can hide or burrow underneath!

The interior is lined with faux fur. It looks so incredibly comfortable. Your dog will love it.

The edge of this machine washable dog bed provides a bolster around the donut shape for  head support and comfort.

If your dog likes to lie down while looking at you, this makes it a lot easier with the chin support.

There are so many different colors and fabrics to chose from, take a look at the variety here (click here).

You can choose a color to match your dog or match your decor – the choice is yours.

The bottom of the bed resists dirt and water.

This dog bed is made with pet-safe materials and is super durable. They use premium quality filling that keeps its loft for up to 3 times longer than most other filled pet beds. This bed is both washing machine and dryer safe.

Does your dog get anxious or afraid?

This cuddler pet bed is specifically designed to suit pets with anxiety. Perhaps you’ve rescued your dog from a shelter and you don’t know their background? Or perhaps your dog is scared of loud noises?

With this cuddler bed, your dog can burrow down into the bed under the blanket hood and feel more secure.

This helps your dog feel better and in turn this gives you peace of mind.

Do you need to use the blanket hood?

If your dog prefers to sleep on top of the blanket, this is fine. It is actually designed that way.

On top or underneath, either is fine depending on what your dog wants to do. It will be cooler if your dog lies on top of it and warmer if they burrow in underneath.

Which breeds will this bed suit?…

Here are a few breeds of dog that this bed is suitable for:

2. Best Donut Machine Washable Dog Bed

Machine Washable Dog Beds 2

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This is a soft snuggle donut dog bed from PetMate.

If you’re looking for machine washable dog beds, this is entirely washable. Simply place the whole bed in the machine. This saves you so much time.

If your dog likes to curl up to sleep then this bed is great. The design is a classic donut shape. It is 21-inch in diameter.

It would suit dog breeds up to about 15 lbs. You can see more details on this bed here (click here).

There is no attached blanket. If your dog prefers not to use a blanket this is perfect. But you can always add your own blanket if you need to make it warmer during cold months.

This bed offers padded sides but they are not a true bolster design. The sides are softer. Your dog can rest his or her head on the side but it will push down quite a bit.

The materials are very soft and durable. The bed is designed for small dogs. It is easy to take with you in the car and can easily be taken from one area of the house to another because it is lightweight.

Dog breeds this bed will suit:

3. Best Rectangle Padded Machine Washable Dog Bed

Machine Washable Dog Beds 3

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This rectangular dog bed is soft and cozy. It measures 28 x 20 x 8 inches. And the interior is approximately 20 x 14 inches. It’s from the ASPCA so you know you’re supporting a good cause when you buy it.

If you’re searching for rectangle shaped machine washable dog beds, then this one is worth looking at. You can’t beat the price.

It is a good size for small and medium size dogs. Dogs up to about 40 lbs will enjoy this bed.

You could get it for a larger dog if he or she likes to sleep very snug. On Amazon there are pictures of dogs up to 70 lbs sleeping in this bed.

The padded sides provide good support for curling up inside. This bed lets your dog feel secure and cozy when sleeping.

It comes in three different fabrics. You can choose a stripe in gray or brown or a plain blue color.

Will it wash okay?

Some people swear by the quality of this bed holding up in the washing machine, but others are disappointed with it after washing.

If you think your washing machine will be harsh on this dog bed then give it a miss. If you know your gentle cycle really is gentle then you can get a washable dog bed for a really good price.

This completely machine washable dog bed will suit:

4. Best Crate Pad for Dogs

Machine Washable Dog Beds 4

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This is a soft padded crate pad for dogs from JoicyCo. If you’re looking at fully machine washable dog beds but your dog doesn’t need a snuggle bed, this crate mat is perfect.

It measures 42 x 30.6 inches (but there are two other sizes available too). It is made from high quality soft fleece plush fabric. It’s machine washable on a gentle cycle and dryer-safe too.

There are 3 sizes available and 5 different colors to choose from. You can get a neutral grey color to blend with your decor or a bright color to stand out. Take a look at the different sizes and colors, click here.

This machine washable bed is good for small, medium or large dogs. If you have two dogs that like to share a dog bed, this bed is easy for them to enjoy at the same time.

This padded crate mat includes a non-slip backing so it’s easy to use on hardwood floors or tiles.

This crate pad is orthopedic grade and made from hypoallergenic materials.

It’s great to using at home in a crate or just place it on the floor but you’ll also love using it in the car. The anti-slip base means it provides a good seat for your dog in the car. So versatile!

Which dog breeds is this bed good for?…

5. Best Octagonal Small Dog Bed

Machine Washable Dog Beds 5

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This is an octagonal shaped dog bed for small breeds. This is a super comfy little bed that is easy to take with you in the car when you need to travel.

The dimensions are 20 x 20 inches and the side walls are 8 inches high. The inside diameter is 13 inches.  It weighs only 1.9 lbs.

The raised side is perfect if your dog likes to rest his or her chin on it.

This bed is made from ultra soft plush material. If your dog likes to snuggle, this is a cozy sleeping environment that makes your dog feel secure.

This bed only comes in one color (see the pictures here). But it is stylish and suits the decor of most rooms.

It’s also a really good price. You’ll be pleased you bought one!

The whole bed is machine washable. If you prefer, you can remove the cushion base of the bed and just wash that part of it.

However, the whole bed fits in a washing machine quite easily if you want to wash all of it.

Which breeds are best for this bed?…

As you can see there are more choices for small dogs when it comes to fully machine washable dog beds.

But don’t be discouraged if you have a large dog. The padded crate pad is very comfy and washes really well. It’s perfect for a large dog.

And if your dog likes to snuggle, it’s time to get the donut shape bed with the attached blanket – dogs love these.

Buy your four-legged-friend a new bed today to provide comfort and it will give you peace of mind!

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