Best Dog Christmas Sweaters (so you can take the most adorable photos)

Best Dog Christmas SweatersDo you host an ugly Christmas sweater party each year? Are you taking your dog to a family Christmas gathering? Do you want to take beautiful Christmas photos of your four-legged friend these holidays?  Grab the best dog Christmas sweaters (you’ll want more than one!) and start taking lots of photos. Your dog will love the attention and you’ll love the pictures.

If you have a large dog it can be more difficult to find sweaters for your pet.

Here are some of the best. We’ll start with sweaters available for large dogs (but they are usually sold in smaller dog sizes as well).

Please note, even if the photo shows a smaller sized dog, the sweater should be available in a larger size, L, XL or even XXL, so click through and check the measurements for your dog.

And if you want matching sweaters for your large dog and your cat then it’s best to start looking for a large dog sweater and then buy a smaller size for your cat. It is more difficult when you start looking at small sizes and when you try to buy a pair, you realize that they don’t make the larger dog sizes.

🎅 Large Dog Christmas Sweaters

Here are some adorable dog sweaters to keep your dog cozy warm and looking magnificent this Christmas.

Red Reindeer Dog Sweater

Click Here to see more details and price on this red reindeer dog sweater

This large sweater fits the following size: Neck 17″ – 22″, Chest 28″ – 30.75″, Back 20″.

It includes a hole for a leash so you can attach a leash to a collar or harness while your dog is wearing the sweater. This is great for keeping your dog warm on cold walks.

It’s make from a soft acrylic yarn and it’s machine washable.

There aren’t any sleeves on this one so it’s easy to put on.

You dog will get lots of compliments wearing this adorable red reindeer sweater, you’ll love it.

Cute Elf Dog Sweater

For the price, click here for this cute elf dog sweater

Do you have a little elf in your house? If you’re looking for a cute elf design pet sweater, take a look at this one. You’ll love the look.

Here’s the size for the XL: Back length:18.9″—Chest length:18.1″—Neck:12.6″

It’s 100% acrylic fibers and it’s very stretchy for comfort.

This one has holes for the front legs to go through rather than sleeves. This gives your dog greater movement while wearing it.

Please note: if your dog is greater than 60 lbs, you should look closely at the reviews and check whether you thing it will fit your dog. Some dogs at around 60 lbs are wearing the XL size.

Classic Christmas Large Dog Sweater

Click here for the price and description on this sweater

This is a classic design sweater. The reindeer scene design is perfect for the holidays. Your pet will look so cute in one of these.

The sizes go up to XXL so it may suit your large dog, for example, a 85 lb German Shepherd or 80 lb labrador or husky. Take a look at the reviews at the link above to see other people’s experience on the sizes.

The fabric is 100% acrylic and you can machine wash it in cold water.

The XXL size is : back length 23″, neck girth 23″, chest girth 28- 34″.

Snowman Large Dog Christmas Sweater

For the price on this cute snowman sweater, click here

If you’re looking for an adorable snowman sweater for your four-legged member of the family, you’ll love this one.

It comes in a 2XL size for larger breeds.

This sweater tends to run small. You may want to buy a size larger. If you’re buying for a husky or lab you’ll probably want the 2XL. If you’re buying for a larger dog, this sweater probably isn’t the right one for you.

The dimensions given by the seller for the 2XL are: chest perimeter 27.9 inches, neck perimeter 21.6 inches, back length 23.6 inches.

The fabric is a machine washable soft acrylic.

It is nice and stretchy so it’s easy to put on and pull off.

The snowman picture is very distinct and easy to see on your dog’s sweater. It looks great for Christmas day and before.

🎅 Christmas Sweaters for Small to Medium Breed Dogs

If you have a small or medium size dog it’s a lot easier to buy a Christmas dog sweater. You’ll have more variety of choice.

Cute Blue Reindeer Sweater for Small to Medium Dogs

For the details, click here to see more

This classic dark blue dog sweater if perfect for Christmas. It will look adorable on your dog and you’ll be able to use it leading up to Christmas to keep your pooch warm.

It’s made from a soft warm acrylic that’s soft and not at all scratchy. It’s easy to get on and off your dog.

The style includes sleeves and comes in sizes XS, S and M. If your dog has chubby legs, try ordering a size up.

You dog can wear it inside for comfort or outside to stay warm while going for a walk.

This style doesn’t have a hole for the leash but you can put your dog’s harness over the top of the sweater.  This sweater washes well and is good quality.

Striped Christmas Dog Sweaters

For the details on this sweater, click here 

This cute striped sweater comes with a smiling reindeer on it. The red and white stripe design is bold and makes a statement these holidays. You won’t lose your dog while he or she is wearing one of these!

This design will look great on your dog for Christmas photos.

It comes in multiple different sizes that will suit small to medium sized dogs.

XS: (Neck 7.5″,Chest 11.5″,Back Length:9.5″);

S: (Neck 9″,Chest 13″,Back Length:12″);

M: (Neck 10″,Chest 15″,Back Length:15″);

L: (Neck 12.5″,Chest 16.5″,Back Length:16.5″)

If you click on the link above they also tell you how to take measurements of your pet.

The red and white stripes suit all breeds of dog, whether your dog is black and white, brown, beige, white or any other color, and you’ll have your pooch instagram worthy in time for Christmas.

Warm Christmas Dog Sweater with Sleeves

For the details, including price, click here

Your dog will look very stylish in this adorable Rudolph reindeer sweater with a little pom pom nose. This warm sweater includes sleeves to keep your dog cozy.

If you’re looking for a more subtle design that isn’t bright red, this darker style is perfect.

If your dog already has red sweaters for the holidays, this is a great alternative. Your friends and family will think your dog looks adorable at Christmas in this sweater. If you have several sweaters your dog can wear them all December.

It’s an acrylic knit and comes in 5 different sizes. Click on the link above to see other customers experiences on the sizing.

This sweater is a good fit for a small to medium sized dog, making it particularly warm and comfortable.

The seller includes a size chart where you can see all the dimensions for the product (see more here, about half way down the page).

Funny Dog Sweater for the Holidays – small dogs only

For the price on this funny Christmas dog sweater, click here

If you’re looking for a funny sweater for your dog this Christmas, you can’t go past this one. It’s hilarious!

The look on that snowman’s face says it all! This is a fun sweater that comes in several different sizes for small to medium sized dogs.

The sweater is knitted and the picture is applique.

This sweater is really only for smaller dogs. The sizes are quite small and there isn’t as much stretch under the tummy as some other sweaters. But if you have a small breed of dog, this will be perfect for having a bit of fun in the holidays.

You can see the sizes here, and be sure to take a look at some of the reviews by customers who say the sizes are only for small dogs.

🎅 Should you get one of these dog Christmas sweaters?

A pet sweater makes the perfect gift for your dog for Christmas. And if you have a cat as well you can get both of them matching sweaters. Your pets will be part of all the fun on Christmas day and you can take great photos.

If you want to take photos leading up to Christmas to get personalized cards printed then a dog sweater is the perfect prop. You’ll want a color that stands out in the photos, especially if you’re adding colorful text on the card before printing it. Match a red sweater with a bright red font for your Christmas message. Your friends and family will love them.

And if you’re putting together a photo book for Christmas you might want more than one of these colorful dog Christmas sweaters so you can get cute photos leading up to Christmas as well as on the day itself. This way you can create beautiful photo collages featuring your dog.

Have a dog owner in your family who is hard to buy a present for?

We all have people in our family who are difficult to buy for. They either have everything they want or they are particularly fussy and it’s difficult to choose anything for them.

But if that person in your family has a pet dog, why not think about getting one of these dog Christmas sweaters as their gift? It is often easier to buy for a person’s pet than it is to buy for them!

Have fun choosing a pet sweater and enjoy your Christmas!

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