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Preparing to Bring Home a New Puppy – What To Do and Not Do

New PuppyIf you’re planning on getting a new puppy you need to be prepared. Even if you’ve had a dog before it’s good to refresh your memory on what you need to do to get ready for a new young dog to come into your home. Puppies bring their own challenges but they can also be the most rewarding addition to your family. Let’s take a look at the essentials. Continue reading

How to Stop a Dog From Digging – Save Your Yard With These Tips

How to Stop a Dog From DiggingIf you can determine the reason why your dog is digging then you can stop it. It is definitely possible to learn how to stop a dog from digging. The problem is that you’re not always there when the digging happens. You might be distracted inside your home or you may be a work when it’s happening.

In this article we’re going to look at how to determine why your dog is digging, how to distract him or her from digging and how to protect your garden from any future attempts at digging. Continue reading

How to Socialize a Dog in 5 Easy Steps – It’s Easier Than You Think

How to socialize a dogDoes your dog bark at other dogs? Is it impossible to take you dog anywhere because his or her behavior is so bad? You need to learn how to socialize a dog and you need to do it fast.

Once your dog is socialized, it makes life for you so much easier. How do you socialize a dog? It’s really very easy if you commit to doing it over a few weeks. Here are 5 easy steps to find out how to socialize a dog. Continue reading