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My Dog Smells Bad all the Time – Easy Solutions for Stinky Dog Problems

My Dog Smells Bad All The Time headerAre you tired of stinky dog smell on your dog and in your home? It can become unbearable. If you’ve ever uttered the words My Dog Smells Bad all the Time, you know what I’m talking about. Even after you bath your dog there are times when you just can’t get rid of your dog smelling like a dog.  But don’t despair. You CAN get rid of bad dog smell. Here are some easy solutions. Continue reading

How to Stop a Dog from Shedding – Don’t Live with Fur on Everything

How to Stop a Dog from SheddingAre you fed up with fur all over your furniture? Is it getting embarrassing to be seen with dog fur all over your clothes when you arrive at work? Dogs naturally shed their fur but you don’t need to put up with it all over the place. If you want to know how to stop a dog from shedding, here are the best tips that really work. And you don’t even have to visit a dog groomer. 
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Can You Use Shampoo on Dogs? What Can I Use to Wash My Dog?

Can You Use Shampoo on DogsPaying for a dog bath once a month adds up to hundreds of dollars each year. And then there is the cost of nail clipping, ear cleaning and dealing with shedding. If you’re considering bathing your dog at home and you’re asking, Can you use shampoo on dogs? Here is the answer.

If you need to use human shampoo once out of desperation because you don’t have anything else, it’s not going to be a disaster. If you use human shampoo on a regular basis for bathing you dog, you will cause problems. Let’s look at the reasons why. Continue reading

Trimming Black Dog Nails the Safe Way. Easy Once You Know the Trick.

Trimming Black Dog NailsHow do I clip my dog’s nails when they’re black? Where is the quick on black dog nails? Many dog owners fear trimming black dog nails because they will cut the quick and hurt their dog. But once you know how to clip black dog nails, it is just as easy as clipping lighter colored nails. The most important thing is to cut up to the pulp and no further.

Here is all the information (including photos) to give you confidence about clipping your dog’s black nails. Continue reading

How to Get Rid of Matted Dog Hair – the Best Tips

Matted Dog HairIf you’re like me, you’d happily brush and groom your dog every day if you had time. The problem is the rest of the family are a distraction and we all get busy. This means your dog will occasionally get matted fur. Depending on the breed it is inevitable. All dog owners need to know how to get rid of matted dog hair. Here are the tips to get rid of matted dog hair. Continue reading

How to Clip a Dog’s Toenails – Don’t Risk It, Follow these Tips and it’s Safe

how to clip a dog's toenailsAre you worried about how to clip a dog’s toenails? Have you had a bad experience clipping the quick and making your dog’s nail bleed? When this happens it’s scary and it puts you off clipping the nails again. But if your dog’s nails make a tapping noise when they are walking on a hard surface, then it’s time for a nail clipping. To find out how to clip a dog’s toenails at home, here are the best tips.
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